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A Thai Brand through World Class Design

If you think about Thailand, won’t the picture of the elephants pop up in your mind? You see them everywhere, from the tank top, statue or even from the most well-known beer.

Chang started with a unique collaboration between the iconic Thai brand and one of the most creative graphic artists around.

Chang recognized the need to adapt and keep pace with the changing needs of customers; customers who want more out of their beer than just taste; they want the moments, the experience and the memories. So, in a move that’s setting new creative standards for the Thai beverage industry, Thailand’s iconic brand Chang Beer has partnered with an artist and graphic designer – Alex Trochut to design Chang Limited Edition.

If you Google Alex Trochut you will find out that he’s a world class artist from Spain at the age of 35. He was both nominated and successfully selected as one of the top 5 of the 20 most influential designers in the last 20 years by Computer Arts Magazine.

He was born in Barcelona and traveled to Berlin and many more cities in Europe. By the way he now resides in Brooklyn, New York.
“The people around you are definitely some input you’re all the time perceiving and it creates a special in our days when the world is so dependent on collaboration and sharing. So it’s really about a network that you give and receive and you are a part of that” He talks about his attitude towards his work.

Alex Trochut creates many master pieces for  M.A.C. Cosmetics, Nike, Puma, BBC, The Guardian, Time, The New York Times, Rolling Stones and Katy Perry. The cover Alex designed for Katy’s single “Roar” was even nominated for a Best Recording Packaging Grammy.





To create Chang logo was the first time for him to collaborate with the Thai brand.

“The Chang logo has little hints of Asian and calligraphy. It has something that reminds me of South-East Asia”







By Sunray

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