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February Fabulous!

We all know that February is the shortest month of the year but for some, it seems to be the longest month ever! Why is that? Imagine people around you celebrating a Loving Romantic Season – Valentine’s Day while you’re alone being single. It might be cool for someone but for those who are struggling with getting over the broken hearts, that’s so uncool.

But there will always be the positive side. Here is for you to have a good fun time during this month of love.


Planning a Trip for upcoming Spring-Summer.

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Early booking discounts can cut the cost of a holiday and also give you something to look forward to when it’s cold and chilly. If you’re staying in some European countires remember that bank holidays get booked up fast, so act now to bag the location of your choice.
Get a flight ticket and travel to somewhere exotic. Can’t think of anything? Thailand! Our country is beautiful with varieties of travel scenes.
Welcome the fresh feeling of Spring with the early clean up


The blues and gloomy feeling are almost over so why not get a head start on all the cleaning jobs in your home?

Whether your house needs a deep clean or you have a spare few minutes for a quick refresh, give your home some sparkle and and shine.


It’s getting greener. Bring the lush into your home.

Leafy plants not only look lovely, but they increase oxygen levels, too. There’s a plant for every type of room, be it bright and sunny, shady, humid or dry. Even if you don’t think you have green fingers, there are many varieties that can cope with minimum care and attention, and should stay green for a while if you forget them!
So is it now still heartbreaking and painful for you this February? Not sure anymore? Let’s do it! Take some of our tips and let’s get a Fabulous February!


By Sunray

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