About Siam Sawadee

Sawa-Dee (Hello)! We are Siam Sawadee from Chiang Mai in Thailand. We export authentic Asian and bohemian home decor all over the world offering the best prices and highest quality. We are artisans, painters, carvers & casters who create these beautiful items. Your purchase directly supports our community. No middle people, no resales, direct from the heart of Asia to the heart of your home. 

Our growth over the years has been amazing. We have met so many lovely and blessed people that we are confident that we can provide you with an equally wonderful experience. Contact us today for a lovely chat and begin your journey with us. 
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The Journey of our Headboards

Authentic Asian & Beach Home Décor from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Celebrating our Thai heritage, Siam Sawadee creates a wide range of authentic Asian & Beach home décor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We create decorative pieces from the smallest delights to the most stunning garden sculptures, furniture and exquisite objects inspired by Buddhist and Hindu temples. Our signature products are our handcrafted wooden wall panels and Thai rice baskets.

handmade with love

Using elaborate techniques passed down from one generation to the next, our gifted artisans handcraft products with much love and fine attention to detail.


At Siam Sawadee we are mindful of the environment and use eco-friendly measures when creating each product. We craft our products using reclaimed or upcycled raw material.

All natural

Since our goal is to protect our environment and conserve natural resources, we use natural materials or those inspired by natural forms when creating our products.

Made in Thailad

Woodcarving is a traditional art for predominant in northern Thailand. While Thailand produces a wealth of handicrafts across the country, Chiang Mai is especially celebrated for this treasure.

Our Team

Eve Neawmaung

Owner, Curator, Photographer
Eve has spent all her life appreciating Asian and bohemian home decor and how with experience can compliment her Buddhist beliefs. Siam Sawadee has celebrated 8 years of trading and is now providing more items and sharing more beauty from South East Asia.


Warehouse Manager
Loa is Eve’s right hand man, He manages to stay cool in the sticky Chiang Mai heat and keeps smiling through the busy times. Whatever is asked of Loa he does, whether it’s taking photos, painting, constructor expert and even gardening.


Customer Service
Anika is around and helps with the business, answering mails and backing Eve up as much as she can when, she keeps the shop in the face of the public making sure that you all get to see what Siam Sawadee has to offer.

Yhing Thanya

Warehouse Supervisor
Yhing is the warehouse manager for Siam Sawadee based in Chiang Mai. She comes from the northern Hill tribes in the region. She is the one that carefully wraps and ships your items with the utmost care and attention.

Nan Aey Fon

Designer, Custom Painter
Fon is our paint and wash expert. She is the one that takes hours to get just the right shade of colour to your preference. Everyone needs a Fon on their team.

Nang Lhou

Assistant, Packing Operator
Helps us with literally everything and keeps us nice and tidy at the warehouse! If it needs cleaning, dusting or fixing Hom will do it.