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Barn House Idea White King Size Carved Wood Bed Headboard Large Lombok Reclaimed Teak Wood Wall Art Panel 600x600 - Siam Home

Balinese Carved Wood Bed Headboard

Antique Gold Gilded
Black Wash
Dark Brown
Dark Brown Wash
Gold Leaf Gilded
Grey Wash
Light Brown
White Wash
Set Of 3 Blue White Painted Thai Basket Boxes Handmade And Hand Painted Decorative Bamboo Storage From Thailand  600x600 - Siam Home

Blue & White Hand Painted Thai Rice Baskets

Wall art hanging Bali Bed headboard 190x243 - Siam Home

Balinese Hand Craved MDF Decorative Bed Headboard

Pair of Hand Statues. Buddha Mudra Gesture of Protection or Fearless Mudra. Fengshui Wooden Hand Crafted from Thailand Light oak 600x600 - Siam Home

Hand Statues Buddha Mudra Gesture of Protection

Black With Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Gilded
White with Gold leaf

Journey Of Our Headboards

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devide - Siam Home
Natural Eco Carved panel bed headboard e1554206852593 300x224 - Siam Home

Give Your Home an Oriental Flavor with Asian Décor | Siam Sawadee

Create a Peaceful Ambiance at Home with These Asian-Inspired Decorating Tips Most oriental designs incorporate natural elements, which are an

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IMG 2247 199x300 - Siam Home

See Thainess Through Our Weaved Products

        Weaved products can simply symbolize Thailand. They are found in any farming or agriculture community. In

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White Bedroom Glam Glam Elegance 2 e1484596604585 300x169 - Siam Home

Create Your Own Comfy White Bedroom

Find your serenity with these White Bedroom Ideas It is not exaggerating to say White is always classic and never

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03 300x224 - Siam Home

Make over your bedroom with an elegant wooden headboard

In this article, I’d like to illustrate how a wooden headboard will add a charming and personal touch to your

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main 300x224 - Siam Home

2018 is the year of the Dog in Chinese Astrology

According to Chinese Astrology, 2018 is the year of the Dog and a one-word summary of its character would be

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Mothers Day 2017 300x195 - Siam Home

Make Mom Feel Magnificent!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and “Mom” on the mind, we’ve been listing down some unique interesting places and activities

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About Us

Celebrating our Thai heritage, Siam Sawadee creates a wide range of authentic Asian & Beach home décor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We create decorative pieces from the smallest delights to the most stunning garden sculptures, furniture and exquisite objects inspired by Buddhist and Hindu temples. Our signature products are our handcrafted wooden wall panels and Thai rice baskets.

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handmade with love

Using elaborate techniques passed down from one generation to the next, our gifted artisans handcraft products with much love and fine attention to detail.

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We at Siam Sawadee, are mindful of the environment and use eco-friendly measures when creating each product. We craft our products using reclaimed or recycled raw material.

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All natural

Since our goal is to protect our environment and conserve natural resources, we use natural materials or those inspired by natural forms when creating our products.

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Made in Thailad

Woodcarving is a traditional art for predominant in northern Thailand. While Thailand produces a wealth of handicrafts across the country, Chiang Mai is especially celebrated for this treasure.