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Your Home, Your Perfect Yoga Space!

Why yoga at home? Because the beauty and advantage of yoga is it can be practiced everywhere! If practicing yoga in the comfort of your home sounds appealing, then creating a home yoga space should be added to the to-do list!

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One of the most important aspects of yoga is meditation. The control of breath and one’s mental state is necessary for the execution of some poses – that is why you will find studios with simple and effective décor. Parks are great because of the natural setting and varying amounts of sunlight in either the shade of a tree or out on the grass. At home, though, it can be a little distracting since you will become aware of the mess in the corner, or dirt on the ground. In order to find the perfect harmony for yoga, you may need to take steps and create the peaceful environment that gets you in the right mind set.

yoga meditation home decor

The place you practice should be very clean and with a window for fresh air.  It should not be cold or droughty. Ideally it should be quiet and tranquil, but if you live in a city, you try to choose the quietest place possible. It is better to practice on floor boards than on a carpet.

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If you live in a one bed roomed apartment, it may be impossible to avoid practicing in your bedroom. However there is usually sleepy type of energy in bedrooms particularly close to the bed, so it is advised to practice in another room if possible and if not, as far away from the bed, possibly beside a window.

Some people like to light the incense sticks. But something easy and permanent would ease you  a lot more. Try the spiritual picture, Asian wooden wall hanging, small plants with woven containers or even Zen sculpture would enrich the tranquility of your home yoga space a lot.


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