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Hand-carved 76-inch Wooden Headboards

Our wooden headboards for standard king beds are made strikingly beautiful by their hand-carvings. Exquisite designs show the care and artistry of the craftspeople who create them. When you purchase intricately crafted pieces from Siam Sawadee.

Your money directly supports our team of local artisans. We have a variety of unique, artisan headboards that are 76 inches wide to turn your standard king bed into a breathtaking statement piece. Our headboards feature tall, traditional wood carvings that can be painted white or gray, or stained to feature natural wood tones. Adorn your home with authentic Asian pieces, sent straight from our workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The Siam Sawadee Touch

Our business has been growing for the past eight years and we are confident that our passion will help us continue to grow into the future with designs that combine the best of traditional artistry and modern elegance. Our authentic Thai designs make our 76 inch boho headboards unique additions to any king bed.

Unique Artisan Designs

Our talented artists produce 76 inches of hand-carvings for each of our beautiful king headboards using delicate attention to detail and love for their craft. The care and dedication put into each piece give them a distinctive beauty that lends a welcoming touch to any home.

Rooted in Tradition

Our breathtaking wood carvings are a celebration of the cultures that create them. Elaborate carving techniques have been passed down through generations of artisans and take inspiration from the stunning designs of local Hindu and Buddhist temples.

Focus on Sustainability

In addition to incorporating beautiful designs inspired by nature into our art, we strive to preserve our natural resources through our business practices. We use the most eco-friendly processes possible to craft our pieces. We also use all-natural materials, including reclaimed and upcycled raw materials.

Modern Bohemian Style

The creative energy that goes into our 76-inch hand-carved wood headboards makes them the perfect addition to any modern boho room. Natural wood tones provide a warm, tropical atmosphere while exquisite ornamentations inspire the imagination. Add a touch of carefree spirit to your design with our traditional Thai art.

Customized Pieces

If you have a particular idea in mind for your headboard that you don’t see for sale on our website, reach out to us about our custom designs. Whether you need custom sizing or unique color options, we can create the perfect item to fit your home design.

If you are interested in a custom piece, you can send us an email at [email protected] detailing your requirements, and we will get back to you soon to discuss options.

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