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Create a Peaceful Ambiance at Home with These Asian-Inspired Decorating Tips

Most oriental designs incorporate natural elements, which are an important part of Asian culture. These include wood, silk, and patterns that can be found in most Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other eastern country homes. Rich colors that create an exotic feel are also common. Aside from that, a lot of furniture pieces and accessories that serve multiple purposes are also preferred because space is important.

One of the most popular Asian design inspirations is the Chinese theme, which predominantly uses ornate furnishings and accessories with hand-painted details and lacquered surfaces. Its dramatic style features animal motifs, like dragons and monkeys, porcelain items, and wall murals that depict historical or mythical characters. Red is also a prominent color in Chinese culture, while silk is used many things.

If you want a more calming theme for your new house design, then a Japanese motif is for you. It is dominated by muted tones and natural elements, including water, wood, and stone. Furniture items in Japanese style are simple with a minimalist flavor.

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Adding an Asian twist to your abode

When using any oriental theme in your home, always remember that it should have a sense of serenity and tranquillity. If you lead a fast-paced lifestyle, coming home to a peaceful home will make all your hard work worth every blood, sweat, and tear.

Here are some tips to help you achieve an Asian-inspired home:

1. Use effervescent colors

What makes an eastern-inspired room stand out is its use of vibrant colors placed against serene and neutral settings. Use colors like black and red as they are integral parts of an oriental style. If you’re going for a Chinese-themed room, add red furniture to add a pop of color. For a Japanese style, opt for a black accessory or large furniture. Gold and silver items are great for accents. You can also opt for neutral colors to achieve a Zen space that has an ethereal look and feel.

2. Make sure surfaces are smooth

The texture of the pieces of furniture you are to use should be smooth and shiny. Most Asian-inspired homes make use of lots of wood, as well as materials, like gold and silver. Even upholstery and rugs are made of silk, straw, or jute. But keep in mind that balance is a key factor when it comes to Asian style. So make sure there is a harmony not only in colors but also in textures and elements.

3. Add the right accents

Incorporating the right accents is one sure way of bolstering or transitioning into a particular style. Use floor pillows with a distinctly Asian style. You can also hang framed artwork or other décor with a traditional theme. Shoji or paper screens can also add an exotic feel to any space. You can use them in bedrooms or as a backdrop in your living area. Tansu furniture pieces are also a staple if you want to have a room with an eastern motif. Buddha statues, jade figurines, parasols, decorative fans, and Asian paintings would help you incorporate the theme in every room.

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4. Take advantage of multi-functional furniture

Because space is a premium in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean designs, you need to use furniture pieces that serve a lot of purposes. Oriental screens serve as a divider and as a decorative piece at the same time. Futons can be for sitting and sleeping. Chests can be used as a nightstand and as storage for personal effects.

5. Bring in nature

Bamboos, succulents, bonsais, and other potted plants that are indigenous to Asia are the perfect addition if you want to create an exotic-theme home. Water features, river stones, and sand will also complete the look. A tabletop water fountain with stones, for example, can be a welcome addition to your living area.

Additionally, you can replace traditional drapes with bamboo blinds, which are more sustainable. You can also have scented candles, chimes, and essential oils to have a completely calming ambience.

6. Incorporate oriental lighting

Paper lanterns are popular lighting fixtures in Asian homes. You can also go for sculptural lighting installations with candles for a beautiful home with a Far Eastern twist.

7. Use one defining piece

If you don’t want to go all out with an Asian theme, you can use one key piece that will give a room a pinch of Chinese, Japanese, or Thai element. For the bedroom, you can use a platform bed with a sleek design made of platform slats. You should checkout for some stunning homes that come furnished with these beautiful headboards.

Last but not the least…

When decorating your new house design with an Asian flair, be sure to maximize the flow of positive energy. This is why consider having an open floor plan, which will create balance and harmony in your house.

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