Feng Shui for 2020
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Feng Shui for a prosperous and fortunate year 2020

With the New Year just over, Chinese New Year is coming. Let’s wait no more. Start to make your life better in 2020 with Feng Shui now! 

2020 – the year of the rat

Most home decor lovers might have heard about Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. The meaning of Feng shui in English is “wind-water”. It explains how the placement of objects affects the energy flow in your home.

For 2020, the rat is the sacred animal of the Chinese zodiac. The Rat symbolizes intelligence in culture, which means both cuteness and shrewdness.

There are ways for you to adapt the knowledge of Feng Shui to arrange your environment so that energy flows smoothly and gently through your home or business.

Let’s see how we can organize our living environment to enrich our daily life with good health and prosperity.

Cleanliness should be the first thing to consider

The Chinese New Year is coming. These would be a few tricks for you to manage the cleanliness at home. Better start little and little, before the new year comes, to tidy things up. Place things in the proper positions. This will create a warm welcome the New Year with a clear peace mind. At least you get rid of the mess which could be an eyesore. Focus on your workspace. Unnecessary things should not be in direct vision. One thing we also should not forget is that your home should be a place you feel most comfortable with. Create your own place to enrich the feeling of warmth, safety and comfort!

A good home entrance is also the entrance to a good life

If you wish to renovate your house for this New Year, the entrance is supposed to be the first place to consider a start. First clean and clear the walkway. Not only the main entrance, but you should also delicately pay attention to all the entrances that lead into your home. Also check the bulbs, rings, latches, and even carpets. If they are not in the perfect conditions, repair or even repaint them.

Clear the way to the leading point

The leading point is the object that you will first see once you enter the house or the room. It must be placed in a clear position with a beautiful harmonious atmosphere. No unnecessary knick-knack and papers or documents around. This will make your home look decent and clean which will lead to many good things in your life.

An aquarium or fountain is always classic

Think about adding an aquarium or a fountain to your home. You might have heard that water is one of the most important elements that brings prosperity. If you’ve been having an anxious frustrated for the past few years, an aquarium or fountain will help to balance the elements of home and life.

Whether is a modern contemporary house, oriental house or just a front yard, you can always adapt Feng Shui – the Chinese Philosophy of Object Placement. Take a look at these fantastic Feng Shui ideas.

For those who want to try something new, take this as the idea or guideline to rearrange or even renovate your lovely house. Feng Shui is believed to bring unexpected positivity in life. Not sure about it? Try it and share your opinions with us!

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