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See Thainess Through Our Weaved Products





Weaved products can simply symbolize Thailand. They are found in any farming or agriculture community. In the recent century Thai people made the weaved products when they had free time or a break from farming seasons.






It needs a good skill for all process from sharpening to weaving. It could be from animal traps, agricultural tools, and household equipment till spiritual necessities. All the weaved products have been made with the delicate devotion which creates the value and pride.










The common weaving material in Thailand is bamboo. Her majesty Princess Sirinthron once advised the locals to grow Si-Suk Bamboo to use it as the materials for their local weaving industry which in turn helps maintain the existence of this traditional handicraft.


In agricultural society, weavings are very important to people’s everyday lives for they produce appliances, as they require out of their own knowledge and imagination.


This allows people to recognize the value of things they create. Weaved products can also represent the ideology and belief at some period of time in Thai history. It tells the individual identity of each region and shows how locals live.





By Sunray

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