Bamboo is an easy-to-care-for Asian plant that can make a lovely housewarming gift.
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Great Asian Decor Housewarming Gifts

Asian home decor is a popular trend around the world, and it’s easy to see why. It adds a touch of adventure to a home and often reminds people of their travels to exciting Asian destinations. This unique style of homeware is great for gifting as there is a wide range of options providing something interesting for any home. Check out our suggestions for great Asian-style housewarming gifts.


Asian Plants

Houseplants native to Asia are a fun way to add flair to any home. There is a wide range of beautiful indoor plants from Asia that are non-toxic and safe to be kept in the home, even if you have pets or children.

One popular plant is the money tree, thought to bring luck and prosperity to a household. Areca palms add a tropical atmosphere to any room. You can also consider Lucky bamboo or a zebra plant if the person you’re giving the gift to isn’t especially green-fingered, as these are easy to care for!


Popular indoor plants


Meditation Items

Make their new space a relaxing one with meditation items that are both functional and charming decorative accents. If your friend is a meditation or yoga enthusiast, they’ll love items like incense, candles, or yoga cushions, which provide comfort when sitting on the floor.

You could also consider Tibetan singing bowls, a beautiful musical instrument that creates a rich, deep tone when played. They can be used to create a meditative environment and promote relaxation. Yoga beads, which are used in meditation practices, are also a unique decorative item.


Siam Sawadee’s Meditation items

Siam Sawadee’s Meditation items


Paper Art

Folded paper is an iconic decorative art form in many Asian countries. From small folded art forms like origami to large painted paper umbrellas, there are many gorgeous paper items across Asia that can be used as home decoration.

Paper lanterns, which are traditionally used for holiday celebrations, can be hung in a doorway or alcove to add something different to a room. Large paper fans with painted designs act as conversation pieces when hung on a wall or arranged on a shelf.


Siam Sawadee’s Paper art decorations

Siam Sawadee’s Paper art decorations


Tea Set

Tea drinking is a longstanding tradition throughout many countries in Asia. Taking time to ceremonially make the perfect cup of tea is a great way to relax. Because tea drinking is such an important ritual in Asian cultures, there are many intricately designed teapots and teacups.

These artistic tea tools have become an iconic part of Asian homes and can add a delicate beauty to a room as a decorative item.


A minimalist concept dining room interior with wooden cup

A minimalist concept dining room interior with wooden cup


Decorative Statues

Asian figurines are typically made from wood, jade, or stone, which provide a warm, natural feeling. Some statues that fit well into an Asian design scheme are of animals commonly found in Asia like elephants, tigers, pandas, or monkeys.

Often, statues of Buddhist or Hindu deities are incorporated into Asian decor. Deities are typically placed at the center of a shrine so they can be given offerings in religious households. Some people may also use deity statues to decorate a high wall or shelf as long as the location is respectful to the particular deity.


buddha decoration ideas

Buddha decoration ideas



A unique pot, vase or decorative bowl can be a beautiful way to accent a room. Large ceramics can rest on the floor in the corner of a room, either alone or containing plants if they have proper drainage. Vases or bowls can also be used to adorn tabletops or shelves.

There are many interesting pottery traditions across Asia, ranging from simple clay designs to intricately painted wares of many colors. Whether a home has a minimal design scheme or one filled with color and bohemian flair, there are Asian ceramics to fit it.


Wabi-Sabi Japanese ceramic vase

Wabi-Sabi Japanese ceramic vase


Wall Art

Hanging wall art is another amazing way to add Asian flair to a home. Walls in Asian homes can be adorned with tapestries, paintings, or carvings. You can find beautiful Asian-style wall art depicting native plants and animals, including tigers, elephants, and pandas.

There are also many beautiful pieces with geometric patterns (including Mandalas), Asian landscapes or other regional motifs. Wall hangings featuring simple calligraphy, an ornate style of writing traditional Chinese and Japanese characters, can be an elegant addition to any home.


An authentic wood carving panel hanging on the wall

An authentic wood carving panel hanging on the wall


Wall Hangings From Siam Sawadee

Siam Sawadee has a variety of unique hand-made furniture and wall-art that can make a perfect addition to any home. Our stunning designs are hand-carved by local Thai artisans. These authentic art pieces are created using sustainable materials to minimize the environmental impact of our local Chiang Mai business. Visit our website to view more exquisite furniture and home decor items to find the perfect Asian housewarming gift.