Myanmar Food Offering Lacquerware in Set of 3


Handmade traditional stupa shaped in red-orange from Myanmar. Lacquered Buddhist food offering vessel “Shun-Ok”.

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Additional information

Additional information


Small: 5"W x 14"H

Medium: 7"W x 20"H

Large: 10"W x 24"H


Bamboo, Tree Sap, Lacquer, Mixed Ashes, Paint



The most distinctive handicraft offering vessel from Bagan is a rice bowl on a stem with a spired lid called “Shun ok”. Shun ok is a large stupa (top of a temple) shaped vessel used for presenting food to a Buddhist monastery and in the past, to members of the royal family. It is beautifully lacquered in the traditional orange lacquer made using the pigment from cinnabar and decorated throughout in a motif known in Burmese as ku-nan-kan-byat.

Thing you should know about “Lacquered Offering Vessel (Hsun-ok)”.

The hsun-ok comprises a wide curved bowl set on a waisted pedestal flaring out to a circular foot-ring. The lid tapers to an elegant spire, which is relieved at intervals by graceful bulbous mouldings which reduce in size with ascent. Rice, fruit and other foods were placed in the bowl. The base form was crafted from woven bamboo which was then treated with several layers of lacquer and decorated with popular motifs. Traditionally, hsun-ok were carried proudly upon the heads of Burmese women to the temple as an act of merit.

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