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Make over your bedroom with an elegant wooden headboard

In this article, I’d like to illustrate how a wooden headboard will add a charming and personal touch to your bedroom. Now, we’ve all seen this happen before; our clean and immaculate bedroom styling gradually descending into chaos as we add more furniture and shoe cartons, or maybe our better half has a hard time maintaining that style and direction you’ve chosen so carefully?

Regardless of what causes your bedroom to feel cramped or stuffy, the first step to creating that new look with a wooden headboard is creating the necessary space. You are going to be surprised at just how much simple and clean lines will improve the “feel” of your bedroom. But in order to do so, you will need to make an assessment of what goes out and what can stay.

The best way to do this is to simply remember what the original plan was for your bedroom, and get rid of all the items and furniture that aren’t absolutely necessary and yet managed to find their way into the bedroom anyway (I am looking at you, ironing board!).

Start with an empty canvas

It’s funny how we steadily collect more and more items, and yet we don’t make the time to remove those things that take up unnecessary space. As a result, the bedroom, our personal space where we spend almost one-third of our life, gradually becomes a storage room.

But you know that satisfying feeling when you walk into a spacious hotel room after checking in? That is what your bedroom should feel like. Or better yet, that is what your bedroom could look like as well.

So put on your favorite music, and spend a few minutes assessing what can go. If you have alternative storage space in your apartment – great! If you don’t, you may have a sister or best friend who could do with those items you never use anyway. Alternatively, there is always charity too. But the point really is to clean up the room first, so whatever it is you are going to get rid off, move it to the front door at least, so you know that its bedroom-cluttering days are over!

Hotels understand the appeal of empty spaces

Now that you’ve allowed your bedroom to breathe again, it is time for one last step before you create your personal accent with a queen size wooden headboard. Is there anything “off” that is breaking up the lines or pattern in your bedroom? A carton box on top of the dresser perhaps? Discolored curtains that need replacing maybe? Make a mental note to change those too, as you really want your DIY headboard to shine.

Take the measurements of your bed if you are not sure of its dimensions, and decide what would look better: a queen-size headboard or a king size headboard. As a rule of thumb, a smaller bedroom will benefit from a square headboard that seems to go “up” as opposed to wide.

hand-carved wooden headboard

A multiple-panel headboard matching the dimensions of a queen size

Carved wooden head boards instantly add wow factor into any bedroom

These dimensions really make your bed and its new wooden headboard an integrated part of the room, whereas a big bedroom will benefit from the wider looks of a king size headboard. A king size headboard can leave up to 8 inches on either side of a queen-sized bed, giving your bed a lot of presence in the room. For a toned-down design with less visual presence, sticking to a queen size is probably best. See this listing for some stunning condos with excellent interior decor.

My bedroom is too empty now – should I accessorize?

If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom that is above average in size, you may find that with all this new found space, your bedroom looks beautiful but also a little impersonal. If you are not the person who likes family pictures or other items of a more personal nature, how about adding some bedroom accessories?

There are plenty of tasteful items that will compliment the style you’ve chosen so carefully, and if you stick to the same materials or colors you already used you simply can’t go wrong.

If the main colors of your bed sheets are whites and/or blues, some original Thai rice boxes can make a great decoration and they will store pretty much anything. Whether its make-up pads, tissues or a variety of jewelry pieces, storing them in these beautiful little containers will help the overall feel of your bedroom and add to an already impressive design.

If you have any suggestions that really helped the design of your bedroom, or you think we missed something obvious, please let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to update the article accordingly!

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