Wood Carving Buddhist Monk Statues in Set of 6 - Siam Sawadee
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Wood Carving Buddhist Monk Statues in Set of 6


monks sculpture from thailand
monks sculpture from thailand

Wood Carving Buddhist Monk Statues in Set of 6


Large antique Buddha and Buddhist monk statues. A set of 6 handmade monk sculptures. Traditional Burmese wood carving from Myanmar.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 105 x 30 x 22 cm

16" – 20" Inches Height


Painted Antique


Acacia Wood

Please Note

This item is preserved/ protected by the Kingdom of Thailand and required an export license from the department of Fine Art & Antiquity before shipping out of the country. This process takes up to 3 weeks to complete.

Due to the natural origin of handmade and the materials used please expect slight differences.

For Buddhism, monks are an everyday part of lives. They usually wake before dawn to pay alms and respect to the men who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their beliefs and to sustain a nations belief in the words of Buddha. Every Burmese male in Myanmar at one point will become a monk, such is the deep rooted belief in Buddhism and the profound affect they have on the fabric of daily life. Now you can own a complete set of your very own group of monks complete with their ‘alms’ bowls during their morning rounds where people will wake very early to give food and water to sustain their day.

These statues have captured a certain quality of kindness that all monks possess, The artist has managed to capture a different likeness in each individual statue giving them a certain lifelike quality. These statues would look lovely in your home or garden or a perfect gift idea to someone who understands the spirit of monkshood and Buddhism.


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