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Balinese Carved Wood Bed Headboard


White Bohomiean chic style home headboard
wall art panel wood carving
wall art panel wood carving
Natural home decor wall art panel
Balinese MDF Woredrop
Balinese Bed Headboard
White Moroccan Home Decor Wood Panel
Carved panel bed headboard
wall art panel wood carving
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Balinese Carved Wood Bed Headboard


Lace white contemporary bed panel. Handmade wood wall art hanging from Bali. Authentic Asian home decor.

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Bed headboard or decorative carved wooden wall panel. Bring a sense of uniqueness with oriental design, adding luxurious and beautiful decorative patterns and character to a creative and contemporary room.

This carving exhibits a captivating three-dimensional motif of vines and lotus blooms. Mounted on a wall or leaning on a side-board or table, the panel merges design complexity with meditative tranquility.

A Queen size panel consists of 3 pieces of 50 cm panels
A King size panel consists of 4 pieces of 45 cm panels

That have been cut out of the original panel. This would ease the shipping and mounting. It also comes along with the recessed hanging hardware.

Wood is a perfect material for this type of artwork. It’s strength, durability and beauty will enhance your home decorative ambiance. Carved wood wall paneling is exclusive and stylish, bringing warmth and timeless elegance into your room. Decorative wall panels are very attractive, and are perfect for creating a unique accent with wall design.

Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 156 x 56 x 16 cm

King size: 71"L x 71"W x 0.8"D

Queen size: 59"L x 59"W x 0.8"D


Reclaimed Acacia Wood

Please Note

Bed headboard or decorative carved wooden wall art panels are made from reclaimed Acacia wood and because the items are handmade, please expect a slightly difference. They might not come with the exact squares as described as the carvers rough cut slats that are approximately the same size. They later lay the slats side by side.

The pattern is transferred by hand. Our artisans make a panel by drilling the holes and thread finger saws through the openings of the pattern. They then carve it by hand to create three dimension effect. After that they cut the panel into sections that need to be assembled side by side and they all fit together. They lastly scrub the panel by sand papers and attach two embedded hangers to the back of each panel. As it is made by hand thus each product is an imperfect art but impressively unique.

The process of making the carved panels with drawing, drilling and finger sawing is unique and representing the individuality of each artisan. The artisans take time to elaborately create their own carved panels. They use the traditional skill of hand making that has been passed down generation to generation, therefore the panels may not line up together perfectly.


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