Self Flower Arrangement
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Let It Bloom!

Make an impressive flower arrangement on your own to welcome the spring to your home. With these ideas and tricks of how to make beautiful floral centerpieces, you’ll never have to shell out money for a store-bought bouquet ever again.

1.) Create a foundation with foliage. This is the framework for the arrangement. Build a pleasing, asymmetrical shape that leans on the lip of the vase and has a high point in back. Make sure it’s not too thick, so there’s room for the flowers.

2.) Add large “face” flowers, cutting stems at different lengths so some blooms nestle low and others extend. The crisscrossed foliage stems in the vase work like webbing to hold flowers where you want them. Take your time, experimenting until it looks good.

3.) Weave in wispy elements, like climbing flowering vines or ferns, in three strategic spots: up high on one side, down low (spilling out of the vase), and in the middle, as if they’ve pushed their way through a cluster of larger blooms.


Morning Spring Blossom

Morning Spring Blossom 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Cool Combine

Cool Combine 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Pinky Freshy

Pinky Freshy 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Flory Ice-Cream

Flory Ice Cream 225x300 - Let It Bloom!

Blue Beeds and Bloom

Blue Beeds and Bloom 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Contemporary Mixture

Contemporary Mixture 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Classy Lilly

Classy Lilly 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Veggie Bunny

Veggie Bunny 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


Round Violet

Round Violet 225x300 - Let It Bloom!


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